EMG Connectivity

We are proud to announce that the RF services in the EMG Group are united as EMG Connectivity. This means that the activities of Eurolinx, Broadcast RF and the RF activities of EMG France are consolidated within EMG Connectivity.

As a global market leader, this new combination will continue to deliver the bespoke customer service for which EMG is world renowned.

More than 1,500 RF events per year are covered by the 80+ EMG Connectivity specialists including the most prominent sporting events and entertainment shows of the world.

Need to know more? Get in touch with your current account manager or contact person within EMG, Eurolinx or Broadcast RF.

Currently we are working on a new website where you will find all relevant information about EMG Connectivity.

Nous travaillons actuellement à la création d’un nouveau site web où vous trouverez toutes les informations pertinentes sur EMG Connectivity.
En attendant, vous pouvez visiter EMG France pour plus d’informations sur nos produits et services.

We werken momenteel aan een nieuwe website voor EMG Connectivity. Ondertussen kunt u voor meer informatie in het Nederlands terecht op de websites van EMG België en EMG Nederland.

<p><strong>the best equipped RF company</strong> in the world</p>

the best equipped RF company in the world

EMG Connectivity is the best equipped RF company in the world providing the most extensive range of wireless broadcast solutions in the best possible quality.

  • 10 operational RF vehicles
  • 300+ RF links of which 175+ HEVC (UHD/HDR) capable
  • 35 BMW motorbikes and access to multiple electric motorbikes
  • 5 equipped relay airplanes, of which 4 with pressurised cabins
  • The deploy of 25+ EASA Airworthy RF helicopters
  • 20+ bonded cellular 4G/5G devices




Sports production forms the core of our services. For decades, our Connectivity business units have been collaborating and working together as one at many major international events such as the Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Olympics, FIFA World Cup, the European Championships in Munich and marathons of London, Berlin and Vienna. We’re also there for the numerous weekly football, rugby and cricket matches, golf tournaments and sailing competitions world-wide.



RF is not just needed for the coverage of sporting events, we’re also there for entertainment programmes, be it live events, ‘shiny floor shows’ or fixed rigged reality: wireless is here to stay. EMG Connectivity provides the wireless connections for countless programmes such as the BAFTAS, Brit Awards, Eurovision Song Contest and Dancing on Ice. 

<p><strong>The Team</strong></p>

The Team

EMG Connectivity is the combination of an international team of more than 80 EMG experts.

The team is helmed by Bruno Gallais (Managing Director EMG Connectivity) who will hold this role alongside his work as CEO of EMG France. The management team further compromises Mark Houghton, Bruno Coudyzer, Rudy Dendleux and Chris Brandrick.

Inhouse development

The inhouse development company Livetools is continuously developing new devices exclusively for EMG Connectivity.

Apart from Livetools, EMG also deploy the world leading RF manufacturers in the industry.


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